About the company

Lavender & Rose are wedding planners based on the French Riviera in the South of France run by Co-Directors Kerry Bracken Lacquement and Jennifer Rocher.

The company works with couples from all over the world to design, plan and coordinate tailor made destination weddings throughout the South of France. L&R’s philosophy revolves heavily around a “boutique approach”: accepting a limited number of weddings per season, approaching each wedding with a fresh outlook, really creating a close bond with clients to ensure that the wedding is a true reflection of them. Lavender & Rose strives for authenticity, proposing venues that are unmistakably ‘French’ and working with the very best local and international vendors. L&R places the highest importance on creating tight-knit relationships with their vendors, based on trust and mutual respect, always pushing one another to create and innovate and most importantly aiming for complete client satisfaction.

Kerry & Jennifer

Lavender & Rose’s Co-Directors Jennifer Rocher & Kerry Bracken Lacquement are two extremely passionate individuals with complementary skills and characters.

Jennifer is a whirlwind of energy, full of life and laughter. She is focused, determined, and relishes in both the project management and creative sides of wedding planning. For Jennifer, one of the keys to success of the wedding planning process is the special client / planner bond that is forged. Kerry is both a thinker and a doer. She loves the collaborative side of planning; a firm believer that excellence cannot be achieved alone. Being able to use her creativity and business skills in equal measures contributes to Kerry’s love of her job. Both Jennifer and Kerry share the same enthusiasm for the region in which they live and love sharing their local knowledge with their clients. They both enjoy traveling, fashion, interior design, sport and fine dining.